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Timothy Scott is not a normal twelve-year-old boy, he is something much more. Ridiculed for his active imagination and unique perspective. His family want the best for him and try to understand what is happening to their son. His older brother Aiden and younger sister Cathy just see their brother but his best friend comes from the voice at his side since he was a child, a voice he calls Aleobe. One fateful day his invisible friend offers him the chance to see him and the world he comes from...Timothy will discover the magic of Mielikuvitus and the fact the curse of his imagination here is the source of his strength in another world.

Timothy must learn he is so much more than a boy, he is...a hero.

Although not explicity "labelled", Timothy Scott is a representation of both the author and his youngest son. Both are currently engaged in processes to formalise assessments for Autism Spectrum Conditions and the creation of Timothy Scott was one to emphasise what can be both a gift and a curse of imagination and "out of the box" perspectives and thinking. Seeing his youngest son often left aside by peers the invention of Timothy Scott was done to encourage self-belief and not succumb to the negative perception that different is wrong. Timothy is just another unique creature in a world where differences should be celebrated and embraced, it is hoped this series will encourage that and show just how powerful the mind can be and to see things differently is nothing short of a hero's power.

It is the hope that Timothy Scott will become a household name, an inspiration to embrace that sense of adventure we all have inside of us. Everyone has a journey, some are tougher than others and Timothy's adventures just go to show that being different is sometimes the strongest thing we often doubt in ourselves.



As Easter 2020 approaches and the presence of TIMOTHY SCOTT grows as a brand, it is the intention to flood the world with snippets, teasers, samples and trailers to let the world become interested and familiar with the story that is set to become something special.

Below you'll find some of those snippets...enjoy and don't forget to SHAREPRE-ORDER and SUPPORT because you, after all, are the readers, all I can do is make an adventure I believe you will enjoy.


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